Photography Tiles


Price includes one 23″ Photo Tile.
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Our photography backdrop tiles are the perfect tool for your business, craft site, restaurant or blog! 23″ x 23″ square tiles are printed with UV bonded inks on PVC for waterproof, spillproof, cleanable photography sessions. Available in several pre-approved high resolution backdrops, you can also choose any Pantone color, your business colors or even your own logo!

why you need this

Create the perfect setting anywhere, anytime! STyle your product shoots no matter where you are.


PVC, 23″ x 23″ tiles in your choice of backdrop. Waterproof, high resolution.


wipe off gently with soft cloth. if needed, use mild soap and water to remove sticky messes. do not scrub, do not use harsh cleaners or scouring pads.
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Surface Backdrop

Black Slate, Black Chalkboard, White Marble, Dark Walnut Wood, Blue Marble, Large White Subway, Small Marble Subway, Pantone Color #, Your logo