submit your art!

Sharp BIG Prints is the third branch within the Sharp Printing brand. We’re a small business ourselves and we love to celebrate the small artists, designers and businesses that work with us on a daily basis.

We’re shouting out to ALL artists that would like a free domain in which to showcase their work. We’re searching for printable pieces to show off in our Dorm Decor category.

Drop me a line

Have a question? Let me know! Otherwise, drop your art submissions in the uploader at the bottom of this page.

Choose from the following categories to help start your imagination and submit your pieces below:

Flowers & Landscapes | Animals & Nature | Collage Art | Fashion & Lifestyle | Patterns

Bold Graphics | Travel & States | Typography | Zodiac | Food & Candy

the details

  • Submit works sized at: 11×17, 12×18 or 18×24, vertical or horizontal.
  • PDFs are the best option to submit for art. If you need to submit a jpg or png, ensure it is at least 300dpi.
  • Do not submit art with crop marks.
  • Ensure your artwork is at least 11×17. No matter how awesome your artwork is, if it’s not the correct size, it will look pixilated and bad and then we won’t use it.
  • Make it bold, fun, bright or unique. We’re looking for pieces that you would want hanging on your own dorm wall.
  • These must be original works so no branded logos, icons or imagery may be used.
  • Keep it clean, peeps. We get it, some things are just funny but this is a family friendly show.

There is no limit to the number of artists or the art we’re accepting! But read the fine print, please: This is not a paid position or commission. Sharp BIG Prints and the Sharp Printing brand of companies (including Sharp Printing, Sharp BIG Prints and School Spirit Place) may choose to use any and all artwork that is submitted by the artist(s) for any duration of time. We may enlarge or reduce artwork to fit the printable proportions needed for sale. We may use art in marketing and on social media. Artists will not be monetarily compensated for any and all artwork submitted but will have their name(s) listed below all artwork and website/portfolio linked. We will always try to tag or link your name to any art we use in marketing.